Contribution to Society and Environment through “Waterproofing ”.

Contribution to Society and Environment
through “Waterproofing ”.

Nisshin Kogyo was established in 1922 as the pioneer in manufacturing of waterproof materials in Japan. Since then we have been working for Japanese roof as the manufacturer of “Waterproof materials” protecting roofs and balconies of buildings from water erosion. The company has been well received by customers, with the merchandise such as asphalt roofing with the brand name of “Maruesu” and “Kappa”. The company will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the foundation in 2022.

Our company has always been trying to make “high quality and value-added products for our customers satisfaction, prosperity and the development of society“ through persistent research and development. We have also been active in recycling and efficiently utilizing the available resources, producing recycled paper as the base material for roofing,and establishing a fully integrated production system from base materials to roofing products.

Now, we believe that manufacturing with global environmental and user-friendly consideration to be vital, not just the quality of the products. Our company has developed environmentally friendly waterproofing materials and systems. As specialist of roofing, we have also developed the high-performance products such as heat-sealing paint, green roofing, water-retention system etc., and will keep making daily efforts for further improvement and innovation.

We hope countless buildings we worked on will remain valued as important architectural assets, and we are also determined to continue providing “reliable materials” for years to come, which are environmentally friendly, will extend the life expectancy of buildings, and will contribute to realization of low-carbon society.

Nisshin Kogyo Co., Ltd. President
Yukihiro Sohdai

Yukihiro Sohdai